Best Monitor For GTX 1060 – A Detailed Review

So you are here to find the best monitor for GTX 1060. We have prepared a detailed review covering all the necessary information for your concern. Boost your productivity by using a Split-screen monitor.

What is GTX 1060 and what is its purpose 

To make your gaming experience more delightful and premium, NVIDIA put forward its effort to produce a graphics card that has a dedicated memory. It is a GPU that is designed for gamers who want to play games on a PC. It has the power to run any game smoothly on a PC. If you are looking to buy a GPU that can run any game on a PC, then you should definitely get the gtx 1060. this graphics card is responsible for improving every feature of gaming by enhancing speed and power efficiency. Moreover, the superb purpose of this card is to have the ability to maintain the temperature of your PC and eliminate all the unwanted heat. No doubt, the unnecessary heat will be born by this graphics card and your PC will remain cool even in a very intense gaming atmosphere.

Let’s get started with our first product.

01. HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5-Inch


Best suited for?

Anyone who wants a versatile 21-inch monitor at a low price point. This device is highly portable, If you plan to use your computer in various locations, such as your living room or bedroom, this is the perfect monitor for you. Also, this monitor is capable of doing many tasks, but if you want to use gtx 1060, this monitor will become a beast and supports you in every game and every other profession like photo editing, video editing, etc.

Why This Product?

The HP Pavilion 22cwa monitor has a great picture for a mid-range display at a price you won’t find anywhere else. Offering a 21.5-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution, the monitor is sharp, and the colors are vibrant and clear. It also sports a high contrast ratio, so it’s not too dark or too bright. This monitor also has a fairly quick response time (7ms), making it great for watching movies and playing video games

Detailed Review

What’s even better is the fact that the anti-glare IPS LED-backlit panel allows for maximum brightness and contrast, making your eyes look great as well. The HP Pavilion 22cwa has plenty of connectivity options. It features three video outputs that include a VGA port for connecting laptops and an HDMI port for hooking up a projector or multi-monitor setup. In addition to the video output, it also has a full-sized AC power plug with an included adapter to connect power cords when you need to use an AC power supply.

The HP Pavilion 22cwa comes with Energy Star Certified to ensure that it’s eco-friendly and uses less power. It also has a power consumption rating of only 20 watts (typical usage) so you won’t have to worry about burning up your desktop’s battery.

The HP Pavilion 22cwa is definitely designed for professionals. It is very lightweight with no side panels, making it easy to transport and use for multiple setups. Since it features IPS technology, it allows for true color and contrast and looks great for long periods of time. So, if you want a great quality monitor at a great price, the HP Pavilion 22cwa is definitely worth checking out.

Bottom Line:

A versatile monitor with a sharp picture that comes at a low cost. The HP Pavilion 22cwa is one of the best 21-inch monitors that I’ve ever used.

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02. DELL UltraSharp U2715H – Best Monitor For 1060


This monitor is best suited for Gaming, Graphics designing, Photo and Video editing, internet surfing or browsing, watching movies, programming, data managing and also for word processing. you can easily do multitasking and streaming too.


What this monitor is offering for GTX 1060

As GTX 1060 is a graphics card by NVIDIA, So the main purpose of having this compatible with your monitor is to enjoy a more realistic and beautiful experience. This monitor is offering a lot of amazing features for perfect surfing and gaming. The resolution of this device is 1920 x 1080 with a refresh rate of 75Hz. Although this refresh rate is not best for gaming but with the help of a graphics card, you can enjoy your favorite games and can have a beautiful home theatre experience. The screen size is 27 inches which deliver great accuracy and fine visual quality. Along with this, the type of panel is IPS and the screen is LED with antiglare technology. Moreover, the device’s response time is just 6 ms, which helps you a lot in preventing ghosting and blurring during watching movies or playing games.

The connectivity options provided by the device are flexible and user-friendly. This device is equipped with HDMI and VGA inputs so you can connect your device with any other hardware. These features along with the graphics card make your experience worthy and satisfying. This monitor has all the necessary features for office use and with GTX 1060, your gaming experience would be delightful, more realistic, and amazing.  

Comparison between similar products

Let us compare this model with the similar model of Dell 27 LED Backlit LCD Monitor SE2719H. Both products have the same rating which is 4.7 out of 5. This rating 

Is good and proof that these products are reliable to use. Dell  SE2719H is quite cheaper than our listed product, there is a difference of around 120$ between these two products. However, the specs have variations too.  The refresh rate of Dell SE2719H  is 60 Hz while it is 75Hz in our product. Similarly, there is a difference in response time, Dell  SE2719H has a response time of 8ms while the other one is having 6 ms of response time. These two differences are justifying the decrease in price between these two monitors. Overall, both products are good and can be used for GTX 1060. 

Customers response and reviews after purchasing Dell

The rating of this product on Amazon is 4.7 out of 5 which means that most of the users liked this product. First of all, Dell is a reliable product and provides satisfaction to its users. Users are loving this product for gaming and data managing.  According to the user, this device just takes 20 minutes to get installed and you can adjust the screen easily. Moreover, the display is very clear and bright. The purchasers of this product are also enjoying it perfectly when it comes to multi-screening as this monitor is compatible with multiple screen setups. The aged purchasers are appreciating the quality of display because this device is displaying an eye-friendly and clear vision for every age group.

In spite of all the facts, few customers are complaining that they got broken screen monitor and the complete amount is not refunded against this failure of them. But this is one in a 100 situation. The other negative thing stated by some users is fewer connectivity options as compared to competitors, the solution to this is to set up a docking station. This monitor is considered the best for office use because maximum people choose this device for office work and get highly satisfied. You are buying this for GTX 1060, so these incredible features could cope with the graphics processor to deliver efficient results.


  • Brand: Dell
  • Series: U2715H 
  • Display size: 27inches 
  • Resolution: 2560×1440 Pixels
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Response time: 8 ms  
  • Item weight: 15.44 lbs
  • Item dimensions: 8.07 x 16.14 x 24.09 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, display port, D-Sub, USB 3.0
  • Audio: Good built-in speakers
  • Impressive and wide viewing angle
  • Tilt and height adjusting stand
  • Monitor buttons are kind less responsive
  • Not uniform brightness on the screen

03. Acer Predator XB241Hl – Best Monitor For GTX 1060:


What this monitor is offering for GTX 1060

The features of this monitor are very impressive. Honestly, you would love the gaming experience after connecting this device with GTX 1060. The screen size is not so enormous but in this reasonable budget, this is totally worthy for gaming. The 24 inches full HD widescreen delivers clear and beautiful visions with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Moreover, the ergonomic character in the monitor is having a Swivel angle of 30 degrees. For gaming, response time matters a lot for having a smooth and delightful gaming experience. This monitor is offering a Response Time of just 1ms, which is no doubt a very amazing thing. One of the finest things provided in this monitor is having eye care technology. This monitor features a Flicker-less technology that eliminates the flickering that causes eye fatigue. So you can enjoy high-end gaming for long hours. Connectivity options are quite flexible but it lacks a USB port and there is only 1 x HDMI port and 1 x Display Port (v1.2). You can try some other way for increasing these options like using a docking station. another very useful and important thing for gaming is the refresh rate of the product. This monitor is offering a 144Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to 180Hz. Along with this, the monitor has a height adjustment option too. You can adjust the height up to 5.91 inches. 

No doubt, this is one of the best monitors for GTX 1060. All the features are incredible and the budget is under $400. You can check the latest price from Amazon by clicking here

Comparison between the previous product in the list and this one

The first reason for placing the Dell product in the top is the rating, which is 4.7 out of 5 .and this Acer product has 4.6. A second big reason is the price of that product which is about $100 less than this product. No doubt both are compatible with GTX 1060 and offer their best features but the Acer product is providing super-fast response time and expeditious refresh rate which is quite better than the dell product. If you have a budget then must choose this device for enjoying gaming more furiously. Moreover, the eye care technology is not provided by the Dell product. Connectivity options are almost the same. However, the dell device is larger in size, it features a 27inches screen which is so cool for gaming. Both monitors have different qualities and it is up to you to analyze by your own way and usage. Best of luck with having a reliable purchase.  

Customers response after purchasing Acer Predator

The rating of this monitor is pretty impressive. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Users are praising the incredible features like fast response time and refresh rate, G sync technology, and very reasonable price, but few users have severe complaints too. There is light bleeding from the edges of the screen which is only noticeable when you watch something dark(this issue is reported by one user only). This panel causes this issue and if you go for a 180Hz refresh rate, you may experience ghosting. Apart from this, the display quality, color transition, design, and eye care technology are appreciated by every user.  Overall, this product has a superb rating and the users’ feedbacks are in the favour of this product. Everyone recommends you to use this because of its perfect features for gaming and every other use. You will not regret this purchase.

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Acer is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics company specializing in advanced electronics technology. The Acer company is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City. It was established on August 1, 1976, in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Jason Chen is the CEO of Acer corporation and its founders were Stan Shih and Carolyn Yeh. 

Hello everyone, today we are going to tell you which is the best gaming or graphic designing monitor for you. As we know that it’s not an easy task to find the best monitor for valuable experience so today we are going to tell you about the best monitor that will surely provide you the smooth experience and we already know that for a better gaming or graphic designing experience we must need a monitor that must support a graphics card. 

Acer Predator XB241H is a monitor that will completely impress you in the gaming universe. It is a stylish and smart-looking monitor with some extraordinary features that provide its user with a smooth experience. Acer Predator XB241H is a rectangular-shaped monitor with  24 inches display screen size that provides its users a full HD view with (1920×1080) pixel resolution. 

Acer Predator XB241H also comes with NVIDIA G-Sync Technology and a great thing is that it has a swivel angle of 30 degrees. It has a shiny black color scheme and the monitor also contains a smart-looking stand that suits it the most. The power buttons are located on the right bottom of the monitor screen. 

Acer Predator XB241H has a fast response time of 1ms enhances the in-game experience, Pixel pitch ratio is 0.276 millimeters. Its flicker-less technology reduces annoying screen flickering that can cause eye strain, eye fatigue, or a headache when you are viewing a monitor continuously for a long time period. 

Acer Predator XB241H also contains multiple ports like signal inputs: 1 x HDMI and 1 x Display port (v1.2). This monitor has a refresh rate of 144Hz and its maximum adjustable height ratio is 5.91 inches. Acer Predator XB241H provides a comfortable view with a tilt angle from -5 to -35 degrees and it can vertically adjust up to 5 inches and rotate up to 90 degrees. This monitor’s weight is 13.90 lbs and is VESA Wall Mount compatible.


  • Brand: Acer
  • Series: UM.FX1AA.001
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Display size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Item weight: 13.90 lbs
  • Item dimensions: 22.3 x 10.6 x 21.4 inches
  • Connectivity: Signal Inputs: 1 x HDMI & 1 x Displayport (v1.2)
  • Audio: Built in speakers
  • Great response time
  • Flicker-free technology
  • The stand can be adjusted for relaxing angles
  • Not a variety of connectivity options
  • Slim viewing angles
  • Frustrating LED light

04. ASUS VG248QE Editor’s Choice


What this monitor is offering for GTX 1060

This monitor is featuring very helpful and necessary features that make your gaming experience very valuable. The very first thing to mention is its superfast refresh rate of 144 Hertz guarantees the smooth transitions of visuals and rapid frames without a stutter. Moreover, the  1ms (GTG) response time quickly responds to every command and keeps the experience a more realistic and natural response that really boosts your gaming. Let us discuss the screen, it displays a beautiful and clear display with 16.7M colors and provides four Color Temperature Selection modes as per your requirement.

 Eronomicws characteristic provided by the device is Tilt, Swivel, Pivot, and height adjustment. Along with this, visa wall-mount capability is also provided for delivering maximum user comfort, because Gaming needs the comfort first to use 100% of your brain to defeat your opponent. The sound quality of this monitor is made quite better by Built-in 2W stereo speakers for enjoying movies at home and gaming too. In the end, let us mention the connectivity options of this gadget, it features a Display Port, HDMI ports, and Dual-link DVI D. 

This monitor is one of the best monitors for GTX 1060 and the thing i noticed is the unavailability of any kind of eye care technology in this. The price of this monitor is very reasonable, you will never regret this purchase. 

Comparison between the previous product in the list and this one

The rating of this monitor is 4.7 out of 5 while the previous one has 4.6. The price of this monitor is around 200$ while the other is around  400$. Now, comparing the features of these two. Both are offering 144Hz of refresh rate and 1ms of response time. Moreover, the Acer Predator is offering G sync technology for a more real and close-to-nature experience while this product lacks this. Another thing, this device lacks eye care technology that is provided by the previous product. The ergonomic nature of the ASUS product is quite better than the Acer Predator. Connectivity options are also better in the Asus product. Overall, both are good for GTX 1060 and you have to choose better. Hope you get a reliable purchase. 

Customers response after purchasing

As the rating of the product is 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, it means maximum people are loving this device and are satisfied. 83% of purchasers had given 5 stars to this device while only 3% has given 1 star. Maximum users are found recommending this device due to its superb gaming nature, the minimal screen glows, fair price, G sync technology, and office work that can be done with max ease. The 3% that are giving 1 star are those who have got the scratched or broken screens or the bad behavior of customer care agents etc. people giving two and 3 stars are total 5%, and their problem is the backlight disturbance of the screen and dead pixels. 

Concluding all this, the Majority is always an authority, so it is up to you to buy or not.

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AsusTek inc. is a Taiwanese multinational company that is worldwide famous for its computer and phone hardware and electronic communication devices. The Asus has fans almost all around the world and has one of the best quality and reliable tech products. The headquarters of Asus is Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. . 

The design of the monitor is very sleek and Asus gives its best with the design of the monitor. ASUS VG248QE has a classic black color scheme and the stand of the monitor is also black in color. The stand of the monitor can tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment so the user can adjust to any relaxing angle as gaming is very addictive and gamers sit for a long time in front of the monitor. 

The display size of the ASUS VG248QE is 24 inches of FHD 1080 pixels of LCD display which provides its user with accurate and precise color and image quality. The gamers need the best quality display as games that nowadays are very high performing so monitor should cope up with any type heavy games. 

The graphics have a dedicated memory so it won’t affect the system memory and functions will run easily and more smoothly. ASUS VG248QE is compatible with any type of advanced and innovative graphic card and the results are very impressive. it is one of the best monitors for GTx 1060. 

The response time of the monitor is 1 ms and refresh rate of ASUS VG248QE is 144 Hz and the aspect ratio is 16:9. These are some of the key features for a gamer to look at before buying a new monitor especially for gaming purposes as well as for business use too. 

The connectivity options that are provided by Asus are a lot, the connectivity options are necessary for any type of monitor as it needs to connect to other electronic devices more often. It has a display port, a dual-link DVI port, an HDMI port, and multi-devices can be connected so you can perform functions more easily. 


  • Brand: LG
  • Series: VG248QE
  • Display: LCD
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz
  • Response time: 1 ms  
  • Item weight: 12.13 pounds
  • Item dimensions: 22.42 x 9.1 x 19.68 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DVI port, Display port
  • Audio: 2 Watt 2x stereo speakers
  • The impressive pixel response rate
  • The stand is designed for user comfort
  • Viewing angles are not wide
  • No USB port which is really a drawback of this monitor as it is used more often nowadays

04. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P Best Monitor For Gtx 1060


What this monitor is offering for GTX 1060

This device has some wonderful features for the GTX 1060. First of all, the refresh rate of 144Hz is very fast and is capable of doing any sort of task efficiently and with 1 ms of response time, you can play any game with super fast and smooth speed. Dimensions of the product are  559 (Highest) x429 (Lowest) x 570 x 219. The VESA wall mount capability is also featured in this device. Moreover, The size of the screen is 24inches that displays fine colors and clear visuals with Exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology. your gaming experience would be enhanced by these features. Along with this, multiple connectivity options are featured in this device, like  DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI, and Headphone/Microphone Jack input. This brand is also providing a warranty of 3 years. The rating of the device is superb and this product is very cheap as well.  perfect all in one package.

Comparison between the previous product in the list and this one

Let’s compare both products. Starting the comparison with the rating of these products. Both devices are loved by the users and have the same rating of 4.7 out of 5. The price of this monitor is very reasonable as compared to all the previous monitors. Its present price is just $159 (the price fluctuates, you can check the latest price) and the features provided are totally compatible with GTX 1060. Both the monitors are providing the same refresh rate and response time. The ergonomic nature of the previous monitor is better than this one, moreover, the connectivity option provided is almost the same. However, both the devices lack eye care technologies. You can explore more to find a better purchase for you. We have tried our best to gather maximum information for you. Good luck with your purchase. 

Customers response after purchasing

We know that the rating of this product is 4.7 out of 5 which is really impressive. Out of all users, 83% have given 5 stars to this product, however, only 2% have given 1 star. Moreover, 2 and 3 stars are given by only 4% of users and 4 stars are given by 11%. Everyone is found praising its features and recommending this device to new visitors. The display is praised and appreciated by a lot of users. secondly,  this device is one of the most budget-friendly 144Hz devices you have ever seen. Black equalizer and light reflection features help a lot in playing games more efficiently. You can set the picturesque setting for the buttons and set it according to your need or comfort. However, one user is complaining about its too much brightness while few users, like among that 11%, have reported the dead pixels of the monitor. Hence, we are concluding the discussion by stating that, maximum users like 83% of customers are loving and appreciating this device, so you can think and research more to buy the best for you. 

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BenQ is a multi-national Taiwanese company that is famous for quality and advanced and reliable electronic devices. The BenQ has expertise in technology products, consumer electronics, and computing communication devices. The headquarters of BenQ is in Taipei, Taiwan. The ZOWIE is a series that BenQ made especially for gamers of the modern era. 

A decent overall 27 inch, 1440p display that works best as a gaming monitor is the ViewSonic Elite XG270QG. It has a 144Hz native refresh rate that can be overclocked to 165Hz quickly. The response time is outstanding, so behind fast-moving objects, there is no blur trail, and the input lag is extremely low hence giving you a gaming experience that is too sensitive.

To minimize screen tearing, it also supports G-SYNC variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, which is only available via a DisplayPort connection. It can’t create deep blacks and has bad black uniformity, as is the case with most IPS panels, but it has large viewing angles. Unfortunately, it does not support HDR and has low color accuracy out-of-the-box, but it can get bright in SDR and it has an excellent color gamut, showing a wide range of colors.

Exactly like the Elite XG270, the concept of the Elite XG270QG is The whole display is matte black, there is RGB lighting on the back, and you can install the anti-glare panels shown above if you like. The stand has a distinctive style that lies flat.

There is RGB lighting on the back of the display and there is cable control via the stand. If you need to VESA mount it, it has a speedy button. When you’re not gaming, there’s also a headset hook and a mouse bungee to hang your devices. That’s a definite reason why it makes this monitor come in the list of the best monitors for a split-screen. Please click here to check details on Amazon

For most applications, the ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is a decent display. Thanks to its G-SYNC VRR support, extremely low input lag, and excellent response time, resulting in consistent motion, it performs best as a gaming display. Its 27 inch, 1440p screen is ideal for opening several windows while running at once, and it can get bright and has outstanding handling of reflection. Unfortunately, due to the low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity, it does not work well in dark rooms with an IPS monitor, but luckily, if you want to share your screen with others it has large viewing angles.

All these superb features make this device the Best Monitor For GTX 1060.


  • Brand: ViewSonic
  • Series: XG270QG
  • Display: LCD
  • Screen size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: QHD Wide 1440p
  • Refresh rate: 165 hertz
  • Response time: 1 ms  
  • Item weight: 17.00 lbs
  • Item dimensions: 24.2 x 18.6 x 10.4 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, Display Port, and USB hub
  • Audio: built-in speakers
  • Excellent response time.nIncredibly low input lag.nGreat reflection handling.n
  • Bad out-of-box color accuracy.nCan’t produce deep blacks.n

05. VIOTEK H320 – Best Monitor For GTX 1060


What this monitor is offering for GTX 1060

This monitor is offering unique features for GTX 1060 and definitely will make your gaming experience very valuable. This 4K widescreen monitor delivers beauty beyond limits and presents true colors and smooth transitions of visuals. Moreover,  The screen is curved for making the gaming experience more fabulous and amazing.  The deep 1500R curvature also provides wide viewing angles and superb display quality. Along with this, The HDR400-ready VA panel presents 16.7 million colors and the contrast ratio is 3000:1. Connectivity options provided by the device are very flexible and allow you to connect with almost all the hardware interfaces.  There are three HDMI ports or DP 1.2. You can connect external sound systems through the 3.5mm audio jack. Moreover, for multitasking, we have built-in PIP/PBP. 

This monitor has some impressive features for gaming. This 32-inch gaming monitor comes with FreeSync, G-Sync-Compatibility, FPS/RTS optimization, and GAME PLUS crosshairs that enhance your aiming capabilities. Moreover, this brand is claiming to provide no dead pixels ever and also provides three years of warranty. 

Comparison between the previous product in the list and this one

The rating of the previous product is 4.7 out of 5 while this product has 4.5. The difference in price is also noticeable. The previous product has about $100 less price than this product. However, both the products are compatible with GTX 1060 and overall all the features are very impressive in both devices. The display quality in this monitor is 4K while the previous one has 1080p, moreover, this monitor is compatible with G sync due to which, it displays very beautiful and close-to-nature visuals. Along with this, this monitor has a curved screen too. However, both lack eye care technologies. This monitor is offering a lot of special features for gaming that no one on the list is providing.  

Customers response after purchasing

As we know, the rating of this product is 4.5 out of 5. 73% of users have given 5 stars to this product which is quite impressive. Moreover, 14% of users have given 4 stars and only 5% have given 1 star. A lot of users are satisfied with this product and are recommending this to their friends and family. Users are praising the refresh rate and response time because 1 ms and 144Hz improve the gaming and surfing operations. The Game Plus feature is also liked by the users. The G sync technology improves the display and provides more smoothness. People are complaining about color calibration, monitor stands have some issues, speakers are not impressive, and dead pixels. These drawbacks are reported by 27% of users while 73% are appreciating every feature. So think about the things and choose wisely. Good luck.

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Viotek was founded to bring innovation in the technology related to computer display products. Viotek has shown an utter dedication in producing the best quality display products in the best price range for their customers all over the world. Their products are known to be reliable and less power consumptive. Due to the service and quality, Viotek has provided, it is one of the leading companies in the market to provide the latest technology in Display products.

This beautifully manufactured display monitor has an enormous 32-inch display to let you enjoy the wide viewing experience with less eye fatigue. This big-screen display makes it super easy for you to enjoy more graphical content at once. This product ensures that there is no distortion while you enjoy the true graphics of the NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card. The sleek design of this monitor gets you the true nature of colors and a vast color pellet. 

Talking more about the design of this beautiful monitor manufactured by Viotek, the zero-frame design gives you the almost bezel-less monitor with the maximum viewable display. Well, so much for more content visibility. Plus, the stand of this monitor is stylish, narrow, and in an equally balanced proportion that gives you the satisfaction of placing your monitor anywhere.

If you have a GTX 1060 installed in your system then your main concerns include the graphics performance along with uniform, accuracy, and smoothness of colors. Well, Viotek has manufactured this monitor with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000:1 to make sure you see the darkest blacks and the brightest white with the best graphical quality.  

When you are looking for a monitor compatible with GTX 1060 then the first impression that it gives is that you might be staring at your screen for a long time. Now, watching the screen for a long time will affect your vision for sure. Keeping this fact in mind, Viotek has launched this monitor to take of your vision to some extent. This monitor has an anti-glare-treated screen to make sure you get the right amount of colors with the best possible eye care. 

Competing with the latest era of technological advancements, connectivity options matter a lot when choosing a monitor to create a mesmerizing home desktop setup. Get yourself connected to other devices easily now with an option of VGA port, DVI port, and HDMI Port. Enjoy your work with satisfaction and share your screen with confidence.


  • Brand: Viotek
  • Series: H320
  • Display: LCD
  • Screen size: 32 Inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Item weight: 3.52 pounds
  • Item dimensions: 28.75 x 8 x 20.25 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, D-Sub (VGA), DVI
  • Audio: built-in speakers
  • Economical
  • Anti-Glare treated screen
  • Gorgeous Ultra-slim Design
  • Ultra-narrow bezels
  • Comparatively low refresh rate
  • Dead pixels

06. AOC C24G1– GTX 1060 Monitor:

What this monitor is offering for GTX 1060

AOC is a gaming monitor with a screen size of 24″ with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. This monitor is curved and the Radius of curvature is 1500R. This curved screen delivers very fine and accurate images with Rapid 1ms (MPRT) response and a 144Hz refresh rate. Together with AMD Freesync, this device delivers smoothes and a close nature gaming experience with increased efficiency. . the design of this monitor is very elegant and decent, it has a 3-Sided frameless design and has a very thin bezel so you can also use it for multiple screen setup. A height-adjustable stand is also featured for providing maximum comfort. Moreover, the connectivity options are so flexible. This device features a Displayport, VGA inputs, 2x HDMI 1. 4, and audio Line out. One of the finest features provided by this device is having eye care technologies. The monitor provides AOC low Blue mode and flickers free technology for saving your eyes and allows you to play the game for more hours. 

Comparison between the previous product in the list and this one

The rating of this monitor is 4.7 out of 5, which is very admirable while the price is also very reasonable. Moreover, the monitor has eye-care technologies, g synch, and a lot of incredible features that are very helpful for gaming. Furthermore, the screen is curved too. All these features are lacking in the previous product. However, both products have the same refresh rate and response time. 

Customers response after purchasing

The rating of this product shows that the maximum users are loving this device and found appreciating its features. People are praising the specs like flicker-free technology and free sync technology. The refresh rate and response time are also very impressive and make the gaming experience very valuable. 84% of the users have given 5 stars to this product and only 2% goes for 1 star. Users are complaining about dead pixels after some time but the majority are not facing this issue. 

A Detailed Review For You:


AOC is a well-known company that was founded in 1967. This brand works very hard in the innovation of display technology and delivers its products all over the world. AOC provides Computer displays that give its users an impressive experience. For gamers, AOC especially makes AGON gaming displays. AOC has made its latest  AOC C24G1 monitor that comes with gaming-specific features.

 AOC C24G1 has a slick and eye-catching design that is specially designed for gamers. It has a color scheme of black that looks adorable in your room. This monitor has a beautifully designed stand also with black color that helps the monitor to tilt at every relaxing angle to have a pleasant gaming experience. AOC C24G1 is considered one of the best monitors for GTx 1060.

AOC C24G1 is a 23.6-inch Viewable Gaming monitor with Full HD 1080 pixels of resolution to make it super comfortable to enjoy the real graphics of this monitor. It has a three-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders that is really helpful for the ultimate multi-monitor setup. As the gamer needs a widescreen with HD resolutions. This monitor provides you with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

It has a beautiful curved display with a curvature of 1500 R that means that the radius of the curved display is 1500 millimeters with a VA Panel. One of the things that matter most for gaming, is that a monitor should have a rapid response and fast refresh rate. Looking at the attributes of this monitor, you get to have a rapid response rate of 1ms MPRT. With the refresh rate of 144 Hz combined with 1ms the response time, this monitor makes your gameplay smooth to the level one could meet.

Create your battle station with this gorgeous monitor by creating a multi-monitor setup and with the AMD Free-Sync technology you get to have the smoothest gameplay session. Creating a multi-monitor setup requires displays with more content visibility from edge to edge along with the best graphics in town and believe me, this almost zero frame design makes it super easy for you to have your game projected on multiple screens.

Get yourself connected to other devices easily via HDMI, VGA ports with an audio line out for your ease. This monitor comes with a VESA wall mount of 100mm so you can easily mount it on the wall. It is an affordable monitor with strong gaming features.


  • Brand: AOC
  • Series: C24G1
  • Display: LED
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh rate: 144 hertz 
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Item weight: 9.82 lbs
  • Item dimensions: 21.14 x 9.64 x 20.19 inches
  • Connectivity: 
    • 2xHDMI, VGA, DP, Audio out
  • Audio: built-in speakers available

  • Gorgeous design
  • Narrow bezels
  • FreeSync Technology
  • 3-year zero-bright-dot Warranty, 3-year advance replacement with 1-year (one-time) accidental damage replacement
  • Fade pixel

7.  ViewSonic XG2401 – Best Monitor For GTX 1060:


ViewSonic is a privately-held multinational electronics company. ViewSonic is a specialist in visual display technology. The company provides products in three key markets that include Education, Enterprises, and entertainment. ViewSonic has its headquarters in Brea, California, United States, and resource and development center in New Taipei City, Taiwan as of 2017.ViewSonic was the first manufacturing company to bring a smart display to the market. It has introduced display products, monitors, and HDTV sets. ViewSonic has made its latest  XG2401 monitor in the series of gaming monitors that is considered one of the best monitors for GTx 1060.

Why this product?

ViewSonic XG2401 is a 24 inches full HD resolution monitor packed with all the speed and features that diehard gaming experts need. It has an incredible 144Hz refresh rate, as well VESA adaptive-sync technology, this monitor also has variable refresh rate capabilities virtually eliminating screen tearing and stuttering for fluid gameplay during fast-paced action scenes. ViewSonic XG2401 has an ultra-fast 1ms response time and low input lag provides a smooth screen performance even in the most graphic-intense sequence without having to compromise on the image quality. The XG2401 has all you need to conquer your gaming and entertainment quests.

Detailed Review:

ViewSonic XG2401 gives its users a smooth gaming experience with AMD free sync technology that enables smooth frame rates to aid you in battle. This is a highly recommended monitor for a gamer who is looking to buy a high-quality yet affordable unit. Gamers who want a responsive, fast, and smooth gameplay experience will love using it.

The ViewSonic XG2401 monitor has a resolution of  FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels. It comes with flexible connectivity options, it has a built-in  HDMI port, a 3.0 USB port, and display port input. It has an ergonomic gamer-centered design with bold red accents, integrated headphone hook, anti-glare hard coating penal surface, and adjustable tilt, pivot, swivel, and height.

The ViewSonic XG2401 monitor weighs 16.46 Ibs it means this product is portable too. It is a very reasonable price in the market and it’s included in a box LCD monitor, power cable, display port cable, and USB 3.0 cable.


  • Brand: ViewSonic
  • Series: XG2401
  • Display: LED
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
  • Refresh rate: 144 hertz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Item weight: 14.46 lbs
  • Item dimensions: 25.2 x 5.39 x 16.54 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, display port, USB 3.0
  • Audio: Built-in speakers
  • Excellent price-performance
  • Very good image quality
  • Flicker-free Technology
  • On-screen setting could be more enhanced

08.MSI Optix MAG321CQR– Best Monitor For GTX 1060:


MSI stands for Micro-Star International Co. Ltd, is a multinational Taiwanese company headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. MSI is making Computer hardware and other electronic products that are best in class. MSI now has introduced its MSI Optix MAG321CQR in the series of gaming monitors that fall on the list of one of the best monitors for GTx 1060.


Why this product?

MSI Optix MAG321CQR has a thin design with narrow edges. It has a curved screen display that gives an awesome gaming experience. The color scheme of this monitor is Black which enhances your interior. The stand of the monitor is well crafted and goes extremely well with the monitor. The stand allows the users to adjust it with their ease.

Detailed Review:

This monitor has a large screen size of 31.5 inches and has LCD display technology with QHD Wide 1440 pixels of resolution. The WQHD resolution provides its users a better display with more detailed colors which is a plus point for gamers to get a better quality experience on a wide curved screen.

The Response time and refresh rate are key features in a monitor, especially for gamers.MSI Optix MAG321CQR has a rapid response time of 1 ms by which you can get rid of screen tearing and a rough frame rate. This monitor gives you a smooth gaming experience with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. 

MSI Optix MAG321CQR comes with the FreeSync Technology that matches the display refresh rate with its GPU, providing a perfect and smooth gaming experience. It has a mystic light back that gives you true colors in a dark room.

Connectivity options are a necessity for every monitor. This monitor has two USB ports,  Two HDMI ports that make switching easier between PC and Xbox, and a microphone jack for speakers. Overall I really recommend this monitor and if you’re in the market for a great 1440p 144hz monitor with Freesync at a great price, You can get this one.


  • Brand: MSI
  • Series: MAG321CQR
  • Display: LED
  • Screen size: 31.5 inch
  • Resolution:  2560 x 1440p
  • Refresh rate:  144 Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Item weight: 14.62 pounds
  • Item dimensions(WxHxD): 28 x 11 x 25  inches
  • Connectivity: 2xHDMI, 2xUSB, microphone Jack
  • Audio: No Speakers




  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent gaming performance
  • FreeSync Technology
  • No speakers
  • Lacks external supply

09. AOC G2590FX – Best Monitor For GTX 1060:



AOC was founded in 1967 to provide customers with better and up-to-date computer displays. AOC is well known for high-quality computer displays that are suitable for every field of work. Whether you have official tasks to complete or games to play, AOC comes to your rescue with their products. AOC has always provided its customer with products that are equally stylish and compatible with their situation.

Why this product?

This gorgeous 25-inch monitor comes with a frameless design that makes it super cool and let me tell you that once you get this monitor your friends will not stop asking questions about it. This 25-inch monitor has 24.5 inches of viewability with a perfect design to go with your style and make you look cool. This is a FULL HD monitor with a TN panel to give you the perfect colors and best graphics.

Detailed Review:

Having a better refresh rate and response time is one of the main features required from the monitor to support NVIDIA GTX 1060. AOC G2590FX has been manufactured with a refresh rate of 144Hz that gives you the smooth transaction of the frames and makes it easy for you to enjoy the true graphics. With an ultra-fast response time of 1 ms, this monitor gives you the pleasure of being in control, with the true performance of GTX 1060. 

Getting a monitor to support GTX 1060 means that you must have to have a flicker-free display to let you enjoy the true nature of the graphics card. AOC has manufactured this monitor with AOC Flicker-Free technology to make you comfortable and give you the satisfaction that you are looking for. Along with this, this monitor comes with AOC LowBlue Mode to make sure there is the least harm to your vision by the harmful blue light and it does so by controlling the temperature.


  • Brand: AOC
  • Series: G2590FX
  • Display: LCD, LED
  • Screen size: 24.5 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Refresh rate: 144 hertz
  • Response time:
  • Item weight: 9.26 lbs
  • Item dimensions: 21.9 x 7.06 x 16.52 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, display port, D-Sub
  • Audio: Built-in speakers
  • Economical
  • AOC LowBlue Mode Technology
  • Gorgeous Design
  • Ultra-narrow bezels
  • Speakers sometimes don’t work
  • No eye care technology

10.AOC G2460PF – Best Monitor For GTX 1060:



AOC was founded in 1967 and has ever since been providing their customer with up-to-date technological products. They specialize in display technology, manufacturing the highest quality computer display products. These products are of the best use to people from all kinds of fields. Their product’s eye-catching designs, technical attributes, and performance makes it one of the best products in the market for the end-users. Whether you want to complete your office-related tasks or if you are from the gaming community, AOC gives out a wide range of products to cope with either situation. 

Why this product?

This beautifully manufactured monitor comes with a 24-inch (24-inch viewable) display with FULL HD (1920×1080) attributes. What more could you want from a monitor for its first impression. AOC G2460PF monitor comes with AMD Sync Technology making it easy for you to have the graphical visuals that you desire. Also, these monitors’ height can be adjusted to a maximum of 5.1 inches vertically that making it easier for you to have the perfect viewing angle. 

Detailed Review:

When you are looking for a monitor to support the GTX1060 graphics card then you are looking for a monitor with a better contrast ratio. Congratulations on getting to the right product. This monitor has an 80M:1 contrast ratio so you get to enjoy the best performance of your graphics card. Supporting the contrast ratio, this monitor has a brightness of 350 cd/m2 that making it super easy for you to get the colors of your dream without any eye fatigue.

Let us talk about the refresh rate and response time of the monitor that you are looking for. To support NVIDIA GTX 1060 fully and give you the best graphical performance, one of the key features required in a monitor is its response time and refresh rate. This monitor has an ultra-fast response time of 1ms giving you utter control over your device. Along with this, the refresh rate of this monitor is 144Hz that makes the frame transaction smooth providing you with the best graphics.  

Let’s talk about the connectivity options of this monitor. Well, AOC G2460PF monitor has been manufactured with a number of connectivity options. There’s 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI, 1 x DP, 1 x HDMI, and 4 x USB 2.0 ports. Well, I am astonished to see the options given with this monitor so feel free to get your monitor connected to any devices or may I say devices whenever you want.

All these superb features make this device the Best Monitor For GTX 1060 


  • Brand: AOC
  • Series: G2460PF
  • Display: LCD, LED
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Refresh rate: 165 hertz
  • Item weight: 14.4 pounds
  • Item dimensions: 15.5 x 9.63 x 22.26 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, display port, DVI, D-Sub, USB 3.0
  • Audio: Built-in speakers
  • Economical
  • A lot of connectivity options
  • Tilt and height adjusting stand
  • 3-year warranty
  • Too much bright

Buying Guide For Having Best GTX 1060 Monitors:

One of the most ignored parts of the computer is most definitely the monitor. While a computer buyer spends the maximum time in front of the screen, the decision of getting an inefficient monitor can often lead to causing a stressful situation. Thus, getting a good efficient monitor that is less stressful to your eyes will prove to be worth it.

There are a few things that you need to consider before moving forward with your decision of getting the appropriate monitor. Choose Best Monitor For GTX 1060.


As the famous saying goes “Size does matter”. So, yes size definitely plays an important role in the choice you make. Since the past few years, a lot of changes have taken place. People have started to get bigger monitors (as big as 27 inches) as it gives you the added advantage of doing multitasking. There is enough space available on your big screen that you don’t have to go around with the hassle of closing a window to move on to the other. However, The average sizes being used by professionals nowadays are anywhere between 22 inches to 24 inches.


The resolution of any device, be it a monitor, an LED, LCD, or laptop, is directly related to the price range. The better the resolution is the more expensive it is.

One of the best resolutions which are being provided by the service providers nowadays is the popular 4k resolution. The resolution of this 4k technology is 1920 x 1080 which gives in real sharper images hence improving the overall experience.

Video Ports:

Most of the monitors have VGA, HDMI, DVI, and display ports. Even if you don’t have these ports available, make sure to get the best connectors. Get the ones that are good in terms of performance. VGA connectivity does not provide that good clarity as it uses analog functionality.


 Whenever you go to the market to get almost anything your budget always plays a very important role in the decisions that you make. Especially when you are out in the market to get yourself any electronic device.

    The more low/high your budget is the specifications, features, and other detailing of the products narrow down or broaden accordingly. So be sure what you are looking for. If you want hi-fi features, the prices will be on the higher side and vice versa.

Hence, you can get a reasonable monitor in the range of $200 or less while the more advanced monitors can be available in the range of $500.

Some features to look for:

Listed below you will find the features which are typically available on the monitors in today’s time:

  • Touch Screen
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Height Adjustments
  • USB 
  • Freesync/ G-Sync
  • Curved Screens

It is important to note here that the more features a monitor has the higher will be its price. 

It is advisable that if you are on the lookout for doing multi-tasking at a cheaper rate you can always buy two cheaper are relatively smaller monitors and split up the display amongst them. That way your budget will be reduced without compromising on your workability issues.


What’s the Best Size for a Split Screen Monitor?

The size completely depends on what your budget is. But a screen anywhere between 21 inches to 24 inches will be good to go.

What should be the refresh rate?

Refresh rates are measured in Hz. The higher the Hz the clearer is the image. If you are using the monitor for the usual office work then 60Hz will be good enough. But if you want to use it for gaming purposes then you can go for monitors with G-Sync or Freesync facility.

TN/ VA or IPS panel?

If you are looking for higher contrast and great colors then VA and IPS Panel will work best for you. But in case you want it purely for gaming purposes, then TN will be best for you.

Should I opt for an Ultra-Wide Monitor?

It all goes down to your budget options. If you have a good budget, then you should surely go for it. Otherwise, it will be perfectly okay if you don’t go for it.

Happy buying and wish you the best of luck in your endeavor of getting the best possible split-screen for your desired purpose.

What is meant by Resolution?? 

The resolution of any screen means the number of pixels being displayed by the screen on the horizontal as well as the vertical side. It is written as WxH, W means the pixels of width whereas H means the pixels represented in height. The most commonly used resolution is 1920×1080. There is a vast range of resolutions, however, we will discuss some of the resolutions preferred by users. 

1920×1080 vs 2560×1440 ? Which one is better?

Let us start our comparison. The number of pixels displayed by 1920×1080 resolution monitors is 2,073,600 pixels whereas the 2560×1440 resolution displays 3,686,400 pixels. The comparison of just one factor showed us that the 2560x1440p resolution represents about 78% more pixels than the 1920x1080p resolution. 

There are several methods of comparison between these two types, an easy comparison is done by observing the quality of display in the same size of the screen. In a 27 inch screen, the pixels density presented by the 1920x1080p resolution is just 81 PPI  however the pixel density of 1440p resolution is 108PPI (Pixels per inch ). This thing proves that the picture quality of 1080p resolution would be much lower as compared to 1440 p resolution. You will have more natural and beautiful image quality in 1440p resolution. In normal browsing and surfing, both resolutions fulfill your needs however for gaming purposes, you need to pay serious attention and choose 1440p resolution for the best experience. For gaming purposes, you have to see the FPS required for playing any specified game. The graphics card is also needed for improving the experience and FPS. having a graphics card, a 60 FPS display, and 1440p resolution, you will enjoy almost all the games with full beauty and accuracy. 

Which resolution is best for gaming?

As we have explained the fact that 1440p resolution is best but can do nothing if you don’t have the graphics processor. Because the graphics processor is no doubt a necessary thing if you want a perfect gaming monitor. My recommendation is to make a PC that is having a 1440p resolution, 60FPS display, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms Response time, and yes, the graphics processor. These recommended features make your gaming experience more amazing and fast. 

Which resolution is best for Photo editing? 

For photo editing. You need a strong system that presents a beautiful display along with quick processing of all the visuals. My recommendations for the photo editing monitor are almost the same as for gaming. Because both the systems require quick processing, heavy graphics visuals, and require a perfect and vivid display. So 1440p resolution is best but you can use a 1080p monitor with a fast response time, quick refresh rate, and a strong graphics processor. However, all these things are also required with 1440p resolution and you can have a marvelous display by using these features. 

4K VS 1080p ? Which is best for gaming and photo editing?

No doubt, the 4k display is amazing and crisper than the 1080p display. The pixels presented by the 4k resolution are 3840 x 2160 pixels which are quite greater than the pixels presented by 1080p resolution. 1080p is also referred to as a high-definition display while a 4k display is called an ultra-high-definition display. For gaming, a 4k display is best without arguing while a 1080p resolution is also widely used as a gaming monitor. However, you may need some other features like refresh rate and response time. Having a quick response time, a fast refresh rate along a 4k display is ideal for gaming and editing purposes. 

The 4k resolution displays beautiful visuals with very precise details and perfect accuracy. You will enjoy every operation. The only thing the 4k resolution lacks is the cheap price. Because 4k is a premium display while 1080p is an ordinary display. The price for a 4k monitor is roughly two times the price of 1080p. The other factors like response time, refresh rate, FPS, and graphics processor, all play a very important role in gaming and editing purposes. These things boost the performance whether you have 1080p or 4k resolution. 

LED VS LCD? Which is better for the eyes 

As eyes are the most sensitive parts of the human body and using the computer is the necessary thing in this era. The protection of the eyes is really important, and you have to pay serious attention to your eyes’ safety. Starting from the abbreviations of both, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and LCD means Liquid Crystal display. Both types of displays are based on the same principle of liquid crystals display. the only difference is the type of backlight technology that is responsible for eye health. Generally, LED is always preferred for eye health, display quality, and energy consumption because of its light-emitting diodes. The backlighting affects the eyes and the backlighting of LED is much safer than the backlighting of LCDs.  so LED can be preferred over LCD because of its less effect on the eyes. 

The picture quality of LED is far better than the LCD. because LED uses RGB contrast that is very useful in presenting a beautiful and close-to-nature experience. The power-saving of LED is also more than that of LCD. 

How to choose a monitor for your work

Choosing a perfect monitor for yourself requires a lot of questions you must have to answer. These questions are 

  • Purpose of monitor
  • Budget
  • Display size
  • Resolution
  • Response time 
  • Refresh rate 
  • Ergonomic options 
  • Connectivity options 
  • Height adjustments 
  • VESA wall mount capability 
  • Brand 
  • Graphics processor 
  • Eye care technology 

Check out these things before buying any monitor for you. These are some essential features that must be seen before having any purchase. 

Do i need a 120Hz or 144 Hz monitor to enjoy PC games or 60Hz is enough to play modern games?

Refresh rate means the number of times your screen is refreshed in a second. It is often referred to as frequency and hence its unit is Hz. having a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate means that the screen is refreshed 60 times in a second and 144Hz means that the screen would be refreshed 144 times in a second. The 144Hz refresh rate will enhance your gaming experience to a reasonable extent. Answering your question needs some more information like what game you want to play? if you are playing a game that is not much heavy and includes only a single-player then 60Hz is enough for you. But playing multiplayer games or games like FIFA 2021 or GTA 5 you need a really strong system. The choice of refresh rate depends upon the game you want to play and if you have GPU and quick response time, you can have a smooth gaming experience. 144Hz refresh rate represents crispy, natural, and quick processing of all the visuals and you can have an amazing experience. 

Does it make any difference watching basic videos/movies on a 60Hz monitor or a 144Hz monitor? 

According to my, it does not make any difference in watching movies or basic videos on a 144Hz or 60Hz monitor. Because all that you need in watching movies is FPS. and the videos are often available in low FPS. a 60Hz monitor can easily fulfill your requirement of watching movies. However, you must need a higher refresh rate monitor when you want a monitor for gaming or editing purposes.

If you have a graphics processor attached to your monitor, then your all displays would be enhanced. You can enjoy the movies to the max. 

Choose the best monitor for GTX 1060 very wisely. These monitors can add efficiency to your system. Have a good day and stay blessed.


  • Can a GTX 1060 handle 144hz? Yes, the GTX 1060 is a graphics card that boosts the performance of your computer. 144Hz refresh rate will run gtx 1060 very efficiently.
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  • What monitor is best for GTX 1060 3GB?
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  • Does a GTX 1060 have 2 HDMI ports?
  • Can 1060 run 3 monitors?
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  • What power supply do I need for a GTX 1060?
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  • What resolution can a GTX 1060 run?
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